Rachel Klein Productions


The New York Times

"What makes this show pop is the bracing vision of its director, Rachel Klein, who also contributed the lively choreography and vibrant costumes."

The Huffington Post

"More Than All the World is the show we need right now... Klein's direction, choreography, and costume design is like a glam-rock supernova exploding right in front of you."

Broadway World

"Hat's off to Ms. Klein for her acrobatic 'Alice in Wonderland' like staging... The direction, choreography, and performances are what make Tink! A tremendous success"

Broadway World

"What Klein has done with Rand's novella, upon first hearing of this borderline fun but more so malevolent new society, is nothing short of brilliant. She has chosen an unbelievable cast that consists of actors, singers, dancers, acrobats and gymnasts, assembling all of the above to create a show that is incredibly unique.....Klein's choreography is spectacular."

Michael Musto

"The show has a hot bodied cast dancing around in silver costumes in an ode to capitalism that boasts great direction/choreography/design by Rachel Klein, a rising theater star who deserves to be the next Diane Paulus."

The New York Post

"Director Rachel Klein's endlessly clever production is being performed at the New Theater at 45th Street."

Woman Around Town

"...reimagined by Director/Designer Rachel Klein with a cohesive, iconoclastic point of view that speaks of a new generation's Julie Taymor."


"Rachel Klein's thoroughly inventive production...This visually inventive five-actor adaptation of Jules Verne's novel is a trip worth taking.
"The world that the dancers craft is visually sumptuous. Klein's staging fills the theater from floor to ceiling, and each of the fantasy sequences allows a different dancer to perform a virtuosic set piece in one of many worlds sensuously imagined..."

The Village Voice

"A lively and fantastical depiction of how we hide from our own issues, pushing them down in our daily lives until they have no other choice but to come after us in the night... one of Symphony's greatest strengths is its ability to depict a setting that's not so much unlike ours, yet one that's just cloudy enough to play with the performance's levels of reality... a charming commentary on the pressures we hide from everyday in our world– and the ones we discover with our head on the pillow."

Broadway World

"Klein is a visionary who has taken her skills as a choreographer and a theatrical director and fused them with a team of dancers who create a story that twists and turns all the way down to the very last chord."

Stage Buzz

"There are certain directors whose work is instantly recognizable. Having seen a few Rachel Klein's productions, I would add her to this list. Klein's productions feature an otherworldly feel, highlighted by odd costume pieces, choreographed movement, and a bold acting style."